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Planned Maintenance Software for Tools and Machines

Easy to Use - doesn't create more work than it saves

Handles machines, equipment and tooling

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Tool-TracK is a Windows application for tracking tool and machine maintenance activities, tool and machine repair and service history, inside and outside material and labour costs, by tool, tool revision level and Engineering Change Number (ECN). It includes an inventory module for managing spares and consumables and allows the user to define standard kits of parts for routine maintenance tasks. Tool-TracK also provides exception reports to alert users when tool or machine maintenance or job completion are due and when parts need to be ordered.

Tool-TracK’s unique features allow end of shift data relating to machine run-hours and tool cycles to be transferred automatically from most of the commonly available Production Monitoring Systems, such as those from Barco, Mattec or Oxbridge, or from any other source that can provide the relevant data in an ASCII comma-delimited file. This enables all completed machine and tool run-times to be recorded and routinely scheduled maintenance to be calculated. As a result planned maintenance is never missed through lack of information on completed run-times and the tasks can be carried out at the most convenient and cost-effective times, e.g. during job changes. Alternatively, where no real-time production monitoring system is available, a spreadsheet can be used to input the data using a similar ASCII file, or data can be input directly using the shift update screen.

Tool-TracK provides an accurate overview of the status of every tool in your facility. Tool-TracK lets you know how many cycles or strokes are available to each tool before the next planned maintenance is due, as well as the type, estimated time and estimated cost of the next scheduled maintenance. Tool-TracK also provides information on the status of all currently running jobs including a comparison of the number of cycles left to complete the current job with the number remaining before maintenance is due. It also provides information on machine run-hours left before machine maintenance is due and indicates the hours left to complete the current job. A projected end of job date is also provided to assist in scheduling machine maintenance.

Tool-TracK displays a list of tools and machines that are due for maintenance and compares that to the status of the running job. This enables the user to forward plan both tool and machine maintenance tasks, as well as maintenance staffing levels, to achieve optimum efficiencies. It also checks which parts are required for the tasks and gives a warning if there is insufficient stock to complete the planned activities.

Each time a revision level or ECN change occurs Tool-TracK allows the user to close out the old revision level and store the cost and the repair history information for the completed revision. This includes the amount of time the revision was active, the amount of money spent on in-house labour and materials as well as outside repair costs. Tool-TracK retrieves this information by tool number and version/ECN. This detailed analysis helps identify abnormally high repair costs by revision level or outside vendor. Multiple repairs are accomodated within each revision level and planned maintenance and break-down costs are shown seperately. This detail helps monitor costs, identify savings and makes it easier to re-charge and recover costs where customer tooling is involved.

Tool-TracK keeps track of all external suppliers used for tool repair, outside vendor costs by purchase order number, inside tool repairs by labour and material costs, ECN and version modification costs and provides summaries of all costs for the lifetime of the tool and other historical time periods. A free flowing text field, the Tool Condition Report, attached to each tool allows a detailed record to be maintained with notes written and recalled throughout the life of the tool. All actions taken on the tool can be recorded with details of technical modifications and the personnel who conducted the work. This replaces or supplements the card index file found in most tool-rooms and enhances traceability and record-keeping significantly. In addition Tool-TracK allows the user to define Work Tickets containing the details of the maintenance tasks, including drawings if required, which are printed out to instruct technicians on the work to be carried out. The same is data can also be printed in a different format to create ISO9000 audit documentation, thereby enhancing the user’s quality image and eliminating much manual paperwork.

Tool-TracK’s Inventory module hold details of all parts and consumables together with supplier details, stock levels, re-order thresholds and costs. For planned maintenance tasks these can be configured into kits of parts and any shortages are highlighted in the Inventory Exception Report so that work is not delayed due to shortage of materials. Stock valuation is made easy and control is improved over levels of redundant stock.

Tool-TracK is available in both a single-user version and a networked version which accomodates an unlimited number of users. The machine or tool location field in the main database provides support for multiple manufacturing locations by identifying the tool-room or manufacturing plant where machines and tools are located. When centralised as well as distributed information is required, local users can input data and central users can log onto the system over wide or local area networks to review costs, problems and other pertinent data.

Tool-TracK will run on any PC with Windows version 3.0 or later, a minimum of 8 MB of RAM ( 16 MB recommended ) and a Hard Drive. Three modules are available, Tool Maintenance, Machine Maintenance and Inventory which can be purchased seperately or in combination in single-user or networked versions. No charge is made for support and new enhanced versions are offered regularly to users at a substantial discount.

If you wish to assess the effectiveness of Tool-TracK please contact us for details of our Evaluation Kit. This comprises a fully working single-user version of the entire system limited only by the number of tools, machines and parts that can be defined, together with a detailed user manual, telephone support and advice on use of the system. A nominal sum is charged for this service which is refundable if you subsequently purchase the full system.

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